The healing 

I was broken. Like shattered glass falling with no end.

He saw beauty. 

He kissed each broken,jagged piece of me 

As if Picasso was painting heaven.

He told me I didn’t have to hide anymore. 

He reminded me what’s it like to let love in. 

He welcomed me. 


If I could …

I’d let my fingers trace you skin while the moon light danced across your chest.

I’d kiss your lips in the gentlest way , hoping my mind never forgets your scent.

I’dmake you laugh just to watch you smile .. because your smile is everything. 

I’d guide your hands through my bodys terrain not caring if you get lost.

I’d inhale your warmth , and breathe you in no matter the cost.

I’d run my tongue across your love jones.

I’d remember how you taste.

I’d keep my momentum going , Id keep stroking .

I’d remember the moans and tremble your body makes right before exploding.

And after we finished , I’d rub your head in awe of the very thing that holds your crown.

I’d watch your silenece, understanding that true Kings don’t have to make a sound.


Beauty that’s not flaunted or noticed may be rare .. But still beautiful.

 The most beautiful things in this world do not need to boast.

Does the ocean make a roar because it’s not being heard 

Does the sun stop shinning because it’s not being felt

No, they simply just ” be” 

Protect. Your. Beauty .